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Dear Parents, 1. The school will remain closed on 11/04/2024 (Thursday) on account of Eid-ul-fitr and will reopen on 12/04/2024 (Friday) as per the regular timings. 2. Every ‘SECOND SATURDAY’ of the month will be a half working day starting 13/04/2024. The school timings for second Saturday of every month will be 07:40am – 11:30am. Parents are requested to kindly take a note of the above and strictly adhere to the timings.

The school will remain closed tomorrow (17/04/2024) Wednesday on account of Sri Ram Navmi.

please submit the fee of your ward as soon as possible ,if you submitted don't mind it,

BAKSHI MEMORIAL PUBLIC SCHOOLDate: - 02.05.2023NoticeThe school shall remain closed from 03.05.2023 (Wednesday) to 05.05.2023 (Friday) on account of local body election (03.05.2023 and 04.05.2023) and Buddha Purnima (05.05.2023) and will reopen on 06.05.2023 (Saturday).The school office shall remain open on all the week days.Principal

About Bakshi memorial public school
Bakshi memorial public school was started by Sri. Sunil kumar singh on 04 th April, 1998, in his hometown , lalgnj, in the fond memory of late Shri Raj kishore Singh “Bakshiji”, an eminent social figure of the Raebareli District to promote and generate educational excellence and to foster physical, cultural, spiritual and intellectual development among its children. Since then thanks to the co-operation of all, it has shown tremendous growth and progress.

It has no become a place of umparalleled scenic beauty and eco-friendliness. Here the Gurus and the disciples stay, work and learn together keeping in tune with the school motto “Tamaso ma jyotirgamay” .

The modern concept of education is child centered. It was so in our ancient system where the devoted Gurus focused all their time, energy and thoughts on the all round development of their disciples. This is so in our school too, where there is a harmonious, fusion of the ancient Gurukulam and modern educational trends. By following this system, wer are confident of providing the children with ample opportunities for effective learning., This system also enables them to become worthy citizens of the 21st century.

The classroom is countrywide. The gurus and sishyas travel to different places in india, conduct classes and learn together by observing, doing and experiencing. Creativity and innovation are encouraged. The capacity for problem solving is the yardstick of intelligence and hence our students are enabled to solve problem by themselves Science and communication technology are taking rapid strides and the school offers computer education up to plus two level. It has internet facility also.

The behavior of each and every student is positively analysed and constructive solutions are arrived at. Attitudinal change, through special loving care, is our proven experience.

No educational institution is more than its teacher so the school bestows the most modern dimensions to the role of teachers and pupils

The teachers and the students are constantly undergoing an affectionate interaction with one another.

A child who enters our school at the age of four should, at the age of seventten years, be able to complete is/her studies and be well equipped to appear for multiprofessional entrance tests. He/She will be helped to develop an innovative intelligence which will shape his/her total personality.

Our chairman has further dreams for the school which are taking shape rapidly. It is hoped that our innovatie approach will help to change the face of the present system of education and mould the school as an institution of the students, by the students and for the students.

Historical perspective

The school was found in 1998 in the fond memory of late Shri Raj kishore Singh Bakshiji,” an eminent social figure of the Raebareli district. Born in 1903 in a simple family of an obscure Indian village , he was the eldest son of late Shir Ran Bahadur Singh, an eminent educationist of the district and one of the founder member of Baiswara inter College .

Bakshiji started his career as the ‘Bakshi’ of Lalganj town area and resigned thereafter to start his own business. His prodigious entrepreneurial flair supplemented with his sheer grit and determination soon made him a man with a golden touch and he provided new dimensions to trade and commerce of the town. His rise to honour and posstion was phenomenal but he never allowed his pride to swallow his conscience. Lifelong he was a firm believer of and performed his duties accordingly. He lived a conscientious life and bid us farewell on 30-12-1995. We , on behalf of the School pay our sincere homage to “Dau” or “Big Brother” as he was to us

Against prevalent norms, the school was established to garner holistic excellence rather than focusing on academics alone. A differentiated outlook was asopted under the able guidance of Mr. Sunil kumar Singh and a team of motivated workers who held a firm belief that schools should expand their roles from just being a ‘

Centre of learning ‘ to a ‘centre of excellence ‘. His belief that “schools should act as lighthouse of the Society

garnered cooperation and trust of the people and helped the school in setting milestones in its path to glory.

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Bakshi memorial public school

Gandhi Chauraha, Lalganj, Raebareli

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